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We as the remnant have been given the financial authority in the earth. It is now time for us to come into alignment with the Kingdom. Within the Cover Club, there are strategies that Heaven has stored for such a time as this.

The Cover Club is a dynamic, marketplace ministry that can provide a blanket of protection – a safe place in the midst of the impending economic collapse.  The strategies shared will not only prepare the way for what is coming, but will protect and usher in the harvest that is strategically available for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

My Name is Sonja Felder. The Lord has placed me as the overseer and Financial Manager over this particular set of strategies in the earth.  My Background is financial accounting and taxes.  What the LORD birthed in me is to create The Cover Club which will serve as an informational beacon of change during the coming economic shift.

“There are many strategies that I am pouring out,” says the LORD.  “Some have been given food and water strategies, while others have detailed bartering strategies that will help in the time of shifting, and others have been instructed in natural and supernatural strategies and even other areas such as transportation, and power.  The Cover Club is one of the many strategies that I have placed in the earth for my remnant.”  Says the LORD.

The world systems and structures that have been set up must be torn down. They will then be placed in the hands of God’s remnant people to be restructured; to be put into alignment with the perfect will and plan of God; to bring forth His long-term purposes in the earth. This is the strategic purpose of the wealth transfer.

The Cover Club initial strategy is the Currency Kit. It is one of God’s chosen vehicles for the wealth transfer for those who decide to join. Members receive monthly newsletters that contain prophetic insight, application and unfolding strategies as God tells us when there is something specific we must do. In addition, resources are contained within the website. Members will also have access to and be provided with:

-Peace regarding your economic future.

-Unfolding strategies and financial wisdom for and during the economic crash in preparation for the     wealth transfer.

-Guidance through the changes coming to our economy and how the new economy will function after the crash.

-A community of like-minded individuals who share ideas, strategies and support.

-Exposure to a secret vehicle that can:

-Remove income from scrutiny and taxation by the IRS.

– Protect assets from confiscation and lawsuits.

-Maintain the privacy of the ownership of any asset.

Join now at and take advantage of the low introductory offer – a mere 42 cents per day, billed once a year. This offer of $150/year expires October 15th, 2016.

You must begin now in order to ensure that you have adequate time to provide the blanket of protection (defensive) for you and your loved ones. This will allow time for strategic economic preparedness (offensive) in the days ahead.  Insights such as the Currency Kit can be obtained nowhere else.  Consider giving a gift subscription to family, business associates and friends. Lock in the introductory rate today at

Sign up today by clicking on the membership account link above to gain immediate access to the members-only Currency Kit strategy. You can also check out the Sneak Peak tab to get a taste for what is included with your membership. Today is the day to begin preparing for the wealth transfer so that as God’s remnant, you will be ready to help bring the world systems and structures into alignment with the Kingdom of God.

We look forward to serving you.

Blessings and Shalom,

Sonja Felder, President and Founder


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